Josh Jambon: Hosting A Successful Hotel Opening

Josh Jambon is in the process of opening two microtels. He is planning on hosting big opening celebrations for each of them in hopes of attracting more guests. If you are planning to open a hotel, these tips can help you make your grand opening successful.



You will need to advertise the grand opening a few months before the event. Make sure you advertise in as many places as possible so you can make a large group of people aware of the event. You can advertise online, in the newspaper and on the radio. You may also want to create business cards and flyers that you can hand out to people.

Offer Discounts

You want to give your customers a reason to stay at your hotel and learn more about it. You can do this by offering discounts for the first few nights the hotel is opening. You may choose to have your hotel opening last longer than just a few days and you can choose to offer discounts that match your grand opening schedule.

Giveaway Prizes

When you host a grand opening for a hotel it is always a good idea to offer door prizes and giveaways. You can offer free or discounted nights at the hotel or other prizes. This will also entice people to come and get them to stick around throughout the entire event.

Hosting a grand opening celebrate for a hotel or Microtel is a great way to make people aware of the new hotel and help them learn more about it. Josh Jambon is planning on opening some microtels in the near future. If you are planning to open a hotel in the future, consider the above tips to help make your grand opening successful.


Josh Jambon: Pros and Cons Of Fracking

Josh Jambon has always been interested in fracking and realizes that many people aren’t familiar with it. Some people feel like fracking is beneficial while others feel that is it causing a lot of harm to the environment. If you want to get a better understanding of fracking, it is important to understand the pros and cons of it.

Pros: There are several pros of fracking. It helps make the world more reliable or natural gas instead of coal. Natural gas releases less harmful particles in the air and is therefore safer to use and has few health risks. Natural gas also releases methane into the air and although methane does contribute to global warming, it is much less harmful or as strong as the chemicals released from the burning of coal. Fracking also reduced the dependency on foreign oil and brings new jobs to various areas of the country.

Cons: Not everyone agrees that fracking is a positive thing. Many people believe that fracking can lead to earthquakes or make earthquakes for severe. There are also concerns that fracking could pollute groundwater and make it unsafe to drink. One of the biggest problems many people have with fracking is that there has been very little research regarding the air quality associated with the practice. Many people also worry that fracking may take away a lot of efforts and funding that should be spent on finding renewable energy sources.

Josh Jambon knows that like most things, there are pros and cons of fracking. He is always looking to learn more about fracking in Louisiana. If you want to understand the purpose for fracking, make sure you are familiar with both the pros and cons of the practice.

Josh Jambon: Offering Cargo Ships For Rent

Josh Jambon knows that there are many companies that need to ship oil but do not want to have the means to buy large ships. His company is one of only a few who offer cargo ships for rent. This allows companies to ship or receive oil and other goods without having to put up the money to purchase a cargo shift.

Mr. Jambon’s company offers ships that can be used for all stages of fuel recovery. He claims that there are four basic phases to the oil exploration and production cycle in the offshore field. These are exploration, development, production, and decommissioning. He offers an impressive fleet of vessels for sale or for rent. The fleet includes deep-water vessels, inland tugs, crew boat barges, and jack-up barges. There are vessels designed for various tasks and the type of boat used depends on the depth of water and the type of well that has been discovered.

Josh Jambon wants to provide vessels to clients all over the world, whether they decide to buy or rent the boat. “Our company is very attentive to the new finds of oil and gas across the globe,” he said of the company. “Most American oil and gas companies fear crossing borders. Here at JMS, we live for the chance to go into the most deserted areas of the world and show the local content of people and tribes the correct way to make oil and gas the basic item for the growth of a country.”

Josh Jambon has found that by catering to the needs of his customers, he can keep them coming back time and time again. Instead of only offering cargo ship for sale, he also makes it a point to offer some for rent as well. This has helped him attract a larger market and build his customer base.

Josh Jambon – How to Be Successful in Business

Josh Jambon is one of those rare individuals that knows first-hand what it takes to create and maintain a business. He created Jambon Boats, a business that he nurtured from the start, growing it into the international influence that it is today. His success, and the success of many other businessmen and women hinged on a few key factors, some of which are listed here:

Josh Jambon

  • Fearlessness: Fear is the natural enemy of the entrepreneur. That is because a business owner leads a scary life. Going out on one’s own to create a business in itself takes courage, maintaining it, takes even more courage. Fear is constant as an entrepreneur, which is why it is important to develop a resistance to it.
  • Financial Savvy: While the rags-to-riches success story is a famous one in business, it is hardly ever how a business becomes successful. It requires a knowledge of finances, knowing the most effective ways to put your money to work and grow in the smartest way possible.
  • Leadership: This is an important trait to be successful. Being a leader often means doing things that others would not. It also means knowing how to motivate others and to get them on the right path to help themselves, and your business become successful.

Josh Jambon has become an influential and well-known entrepreneur and businessman in the gas and oil industry. He has paved the way for his business with fearless leadership and financial savvy. That is why his business has now grown to have international interests in many locations.


Josh Jambon – How to Start a Business

Josh Jambon is an entrepreneur that has found much success in the gas and oil industry. Mr. Jambon’s business has done well because he has the determination and work ethic to make it happen. Starting a business can be very challenging, and involves much more than simply having a good idea. Thankfully, many entrepreneurs have laid out the proper steps necessary to have a successful business launch, ones listed here:

Josh Jambon

  • Have a Plan: You should use every resource you have available to you to create a business plan. This means setting goals, as well as realistic ways to achieve them.
  • Get Business Training: There are many good resources out there that can help you in areas you have little experience with, including free counseling and training sources.
  • Good Location: Every entrepreneur has heard that in business, location is everything. Make sure you factor in many things when placing your business, including available demographic, as well as how easy it is for customers to access the location.
  • Register Name: A key step many businesses don’t take is registering your name with the state government. This helps solidify the name, and also give you a tax identification number. Once you have this number, you can also register for state and local taxes.

Josh Jambon has learned that starting your own business can be a difficult endeavor. It takes considerable discipline and planning in order to succeed. However, with a proper education and perseverance, success can be achieved. Thankfully many resources are available to help.



Josh Jambon and The Knights of Columbus

Josh Jambon is not just a successful entrepreneur and businessman, but an avid philanthropist who works hard to improve the community. One of the ways he helps the community is by being involved with the Knights of Columbus. The Knights of Columbus are a catholic-based fraternity with a unique mission and purpose.

Josh Jambon
Josh Jambon

The Knights of Columbus describe themselves as men of faith and action. That is because this fraternity is based on giving back to the community. In fact, in 2014, the group set a record in charitable donations for the 16th consecutive year! The organization gave 3.4 million more in donations in 2014, beating their previous record set at $173,550,680. The group also committed over 71.5 million volunteer hours to a number of different causes. The organization increased the amount of hours volunteered by over a million from the previous year.

Josh Jambon became a member of the Knights of Columbus because they put so much into the community. They have many charitable interests that are based on a local, state, national, and even international level. Some of the fraternity’s international contributions include the Special Olympics, as well as the Global Wheelchair Mission, and Habitat for Humanity. The fraternity has even developed their own charitable organizations, including their ‘Food for Families’ project, and ‘Coats for Kids’.

The Knights of Columbus continue to break records for charitable donations because they are built on fundamental principles. The Knights have 4 basic principles, ones listed here:
Charity: The Catholic faith that the Knights of Columbus are based on teaches them to “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” That is why members are dedicated to many causes, including food drives, volunteer work, and supporting struggling single mothers.

Unity: The Knights of Columbus believe that working together is the best way to accomplish anything. They believe that in unity, there is strength. That is why the fraternity helps support each other whenever needed.
Fraternity: The founder of the Knights of Columbus, Michael J. Mcginvey, established the idea of fraternity early on in the organization. Fraternity is a form of family, and the Knights have always made supporting family a priority within their organization.

Patriotism: This final principle of the order is as important as all of the others. They believe strongly in god and country, which is why the organization stands up for both. No matter where the order is located, it stands up for the people and nation of the area. The Knights of Columbus are proud patriots.
Josh Jambon has been involved in many projects and programs conducted through the Knights of Columbus. He is proud to be a part of a fraternity dedicated to improving the world and supporting those in need.


Josh Jambon – Oil and Gas Safety, Be Alert

Josh Jambon makes it a point to educate his employees on the many hazards associated with working in the oil and gas industry. Oil and gas can be a lucrative, challenging, and rewarding field for those who are involved. However, it is also be dangerous, which is why it is always important to exercise caution when doing anything that could potentially be dangerous. If you are an employee of the oil and gas industry, there are some safety tips and tricks you need to know in order to keep yourself out of harm’s way. Just a single poorly timed misstep can carry some serious consequences.

Josh Jambon

One important way to stay safe on the job in the oil and gas industry is to stay alert as much as possible. According to, “Accidents often happen quickly and without warning. Therefore, it is essential that you remain focused and alert when working on an oil rig. Watch out for falling or flying materials, stay far enough away from moving equipment and be careful that you don’t trip or bump into others as you walk around. Educate yourself on the common dangers, and then proactively seek to avoid them.”

Staying alert while on any job is important, but especially so in oil and gas. That is because this industry is notorious for having on the job accidents. Most of these accidents can be avoided however by simply staying alert and aware at all times during your shift, and encouraging the same in others.

Josh Jambon makes safety a priority.