Josh Jambon: The Secrets To Building Relationships In Business

As the head of Jambon Marine Service, which aims to provide oil and gas transportation vessels around the world, Josh Jambon must be capable of building and maintain relationships with people from a wide array of cultural backgrounds. Networking is something that many entrepreneurs struggle with, particularly those who are not confident in social settings or have yet to build reputations within their industries. These pointers should make building the business relationships that can lead to opportunities easier.


Don’t Promise Too Much

In their rush to impress as many people as possible, many entrepreneurs make the mistake of promising more than they are capable of delivering. This can lead to broken promises and the development of a poor reputation within the business community, which in turn will limit your access to new opportunities. Be realistic about your current status and understand that many business relationships take time to mature, so don’t try to deliver everything at once.

Use Social Media

The advent of social media has been a boon for young entrepreneurs, as it provides them with more direct access to the key influencers and decision-makers in their industries. Social media sites also offer people the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of their industries, thus establishing themselves as authorities, plus it allows for easier communication with professionals from all over the globe.

Identify Shared Goals

Business professionals, like Josh Jambon, often look to build relationships with those who share similar ideals and goals. If you aim to build a network, you first need to understand your own goals in business. What do you want to achieve individually and where do you want your company to be? Once you can answer these questions you can start looking for fellow professionals who share similar aspirations and ethics, allowing for the creation of relationships that are built on foundations of trust and mutual goals.

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