Josh Jambon: The Qualities That All Entrepreneurs Must Possess

Josh Jambon is an experienced entrepreneur who has been involved in the creation and success of businesses in a variety of sectors throughout his career. Though he is now involved in the oil and gas sector, he also has experienced previous successes in marine supply and property development. In achieving this, it has become apparent that he possesses a number of key qualities that all entrepreneurs must share if they are to achieve their goals in business.


Determination  Most entrepreneurs are very familiar with the word “no”. It is a word that you may hear often in your attempts to establish a business or bring a new product to the market and it can have negative effects on your drive and ambition to achieve something beyond the scope of the average person. Successful entrepreneurs are both realistic in their ambitions and able to recognize when their ideas can succeed, making them determined to see them through until they reach their potential.

The Thirst For Knowledge  Stagnation is the enemy of the true entrepreneur, as it means a failure to adapt to changing trends and the inability to innovate in-line with the needs of customers. In order to avoid stagnation, entrepreneurs must dedicate themselves to continued learning and should take advantage of any educational opportunities that are presented to them.

The Desire To Win  “I truly love to win in business,” says Josh Jambon. “Money is not what drives me. Winning is.” This is an attitude that budding entrepreneurs need to adopt, as the sole pursuit of money can blind them to the advancements their competitors are making or the potential issues that clients may have with the company. Winning, in business terms, involves staying ahead of your competition and ensuring the service you provide to customers is so good that they won’t consider using other suppliers.

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