Josh Jambon Totally Dedicated to Advancement of South Lafourche

The support and encouragement which Josh Jambon has provided his native parish of Lafourche in Louisiana has continued unabated from his early days at South Lafourche High School, where his 1977 graduation was accompanied by the thrill of being part of his school’s second state football championship, the South Lafourche/Bonnabel 3AAA victory of 1977. Inspired by this glory so early in life, Jambon has retained his loyalty to his high school throughout his career, sponsoring the reunions of the 1977 football team, donating generously toward the needs of South Lafourche students, maintaining his memberships in the South Lafourche Alumni Association, the South Lafourche Boosters Club and supporting the Tiger Athletic Foundation, as well as sponsoring the Ralph Pere scholarship and the Faron Chaisson Memorial Scholarship.   This extended association with the organizations and friends of his youth speaks volumes about the inner man that is Jambon: loyal, dedicated to his hometown, aware of the needs of his fellow citizens and generous in supporting the home and institutions he loves.


Josh Jambon also participates in the community life of Lafourche Parish, having previously served as president of the Sun Fest and Pirate Days in Grand Isle, Louisiana.  Louisiana is known as a Sportsman’s Paradise, with fishing and birding habitat, and Grand Isle is Louisiana’s only inhabited barrier island.  Beaches, wildlife and beautiful view of the Gulf of Mexico are married with the southern hospitality and gourmet seafood dishes which Louisiana is known for.  Josh Jambon of Lafourche Parish has enjoyed the beauty of Grand Isle on trips to enjoy over seven miles of public white sand beaches and the Butterfly Dome, which features tours to view native butterflies and plants in their habitat.  Grand Isle also offers Elmer’s Island Wildlife Refuge, a state-owned barrier beachfront, and Grand Isle State Park with beaches, a fishing pier, trails and overnight camping, as well as the Grand Isle Birding Trail, with five bird viewing locations on a two-mile trail.


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