Josh Jambon Acquires Newest Design in Ocean Class Offshore Support Vessel

Jambon Marine Services has recently acquired the M/V Sunrise 1 from Cosco Shipyard in China, and in the process of completing an ocean class (DP2) of vessels, the DP2-Fili 1, for use in the northern seas and in West Africa when new drilling begins in those areas.  Josh Jambon follows the pulse of oil and gas and notes the movement toward vessels with cleaner designs, more powerful winches and ROV capacities.  Such OSVs are much more capable of supporting deep water operations, and yield higher day lease rates for companies like Jambon’s.  The expense of building new OSVs has increased in the last 10 years due to higher steel prices and a high demand for the vessels.  Better propulsion drivetrains, double hull construction techniques and requirements for better crew facilities have also driven the price of building new offshore service vessels.  


Global financial conditions have also figured into the rise and decline of OSV building and the costs of new building.  OSV suppliers like Josh Jambon are looking at larger and more sophisticated vessels which meet more strict requirements for safety and efficiency, and greater environmental design features, as regulations for drilling in areas like the North Sea are stringent.  Jambon Marine Services strives to create an OSV fleet which offers more robust, cleaner and operationally safe OSVs for the future.

Caterpillar Tier II diesel engines in ocean-going vessels provide propulsion via sulfur diesel fuel.  Electrical power is generated through a Caterpillar auxiliary generator.  DP1 and DP2 vessels are flagged in the USA Registry and may be upgraded to Tier III or Tier IV capability.  With steel construction and high capacities for extended sea voyages, ocean class platform service vessels are uniquely qualified to provide the cargo delivery support so many oil and gas offshore operations look to entrepreneurs like Josh Jambon to provide.   Josh Jambon seeks to soon complete his new 83m, DP2-Fili 1 SOLAS class ships for use in the northern seas and West Africa.