Josh Jambon: Hosting A Successful Hotel Opening

Josh Jambon is in the process of opening two microtels. He is planning on hosting big opening celebrations for each of them in hopes of attracting more guests. If you are planning to open a hotel, these tips can help you make your grand opening successful.



You will need to advertise the grand opening a few months before the event. Make sure you advertise in as many places as possible so you can make a large group of people aware of the event. You can advertise online, in the newspaper and on the radio. You may also want to create business cards and flyers that you can hand out to people.

Offer Discounts

You want to give your customers a reason to stay at your hotel and learn more about it. You can do this by offering discounts for the first few nights the hotel is opening. You may choose to have your hotel opening last longer than just a few days and you can choose to offer discounts that match your grand opening schedule.

Giveaway Prizes

When you host a grand opening for a hotel it is always a good idea to offer door prizes and giveaways. You can offer free or discounted nights at the hotel or other prizes. This will also entice people to come and get them to stick around throughout the entire event.

Hosting a grand opening celebrate for a hotel or Microtel is a great way to make people aware of the new hotel and help them learn more about it. Josh Jambon is planning on opening some microtels in the near future. If you are planning to open a hotel in the future, consider the above tips to help make your grand opening successful.


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