Josh Jambon: What Are Deep Water Drilling Vessels?

Josh Jambon operates a company that provides oil and gas vessels for many different businesses located all over the world. Many of the vessels he sells and rents can be used for deep water drilling. Deep water drilling vessels are unique and interesting and play a big role in the oil industry.


Drill ships were first developed in the late 1940s by marine architects. They were created to do the work of other types of drilling tools and rigs, but to also be able to transport the oil they collect. They were also designed to solve problems with water depths off the coasts. Drilling vessels using a mooring system to help them successfully drill for oil. They can use up to 12 anchors to help them stay moored to the floor of the ocean. This also helps keep the boat in position during storms and in situations where the boat is being continuously hit with large waves.

Drill ships are convenient because they can propel themselves from one oil well to the next quickly and easily. Drilling equipment is passed through the vessel’s moon pool and connected to the well equipment below via riser pipe. It then pumps the oil up and into the ships. The ships can pump oil out of the sea floor until they are completely full. They then transport the oil to various locations around the country. Many companies that make drill ships have offices all over the world and are able to transport oil to various locations.

If you are curious about the types of vessels that are used for deep-water drilling, you may want to learn more about the vessels that Josh Jambon offers. Josh Jambon has many different kinds of vessels that can be used for oil and gas, and deep-water drilling vessels are just a few of them.


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