Josh Jambon: Pros and Cons Of Fracking

Josh Jambon has always been interested in fracking and realizes that many people aren’t familiar with it. Some people feel like fracking is beneficial while others feel that is it causing a lot of harm to the environment. If you want to get a better understanding of fracking, it is important to understand the pros and cons of it.

Pros: There are several pros of fracking. It helps make the world more reliable or natural gas instead of coal. Natural gas releases less harmful particles in the air and is therefore safer to use and has few health risks. Natural gas also releases methane into the air and although methane does contribute to global warming, it is much less harmful or as strong as the chemicals released from the burning of coal. Fracking also reduced the dependency on foreign oil and brings new jobs to various areas of the country.

Cons: Not everyone agrees that fracking is a positive thing. Many people believe that fracking can lead to earthquakes or make earthquakes for severe. There are also concerns that fracking could pollute groundwater and make it unsafe to drink. One of the biggest problems many people have with fracking is that there has been very little research regarding the air quality associated with the practice. Many people also worry that fracking may take away a lot of efforts and funding that should be spent on finding renewable energy sources.

Josh Jambon knows that like most things, there are pros and cons of fracking. He is always looking to learn more about fracking in Louisiana. If you want to understand the purpose for fracking, make sure you are familiar with both the pros and cons of the practice.


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