Josh Jambon – Oil and Gas Safety, Be Alert

Josh Jambon makes it a point to educate his employees on the many hazards associated with working in the oil and gas industry. Oil and gas can be a lucrative, challenging, and rewarding field for those who are involved. However, it is also be dangerous, which is why it is always important to exercise caution when doing anything that could potentially be dangerous. If you are an employee of the oil and gas industry, there are some safety tips and tricks you need to know in order to keep yourself out of harm’s way. Just a single poorly timed misstep can carry some serious consequences.

Josh Jambon

One important way to stay safe on the job in the oil and gas industry is to stay alert as much as possible. According to, “Accidents often happen quickly and without warning. Therefore, it is essential that you remain focused and alert when working on an oil rig. Watch out for falling or flying materials, stay far enough away from moving equipment and be careful that you don’t trip or bump into others as you walk around. Educate yourself on the common dangers, and then proactively seek to avoid them.”

Staying alert while on any job is important, but especially so in oil and gas. That is because this industry is notorious for having on the job accidents. Most of these accidents can be avoided however by simply staying alert and aware at all times during your shift, and encouraging the same in others.

Josh Jambon makes safety a priority.