Josh Jambon – Oil and Gas, Get Experience

Josh Jambon broke into the oil and gas industry because he took a vested interest in it and put forth the effort necessary to succeed. If you are someone that is considering joining the oil and gas field, or simply do not know what kind of career to pursue, one in oil and gas can be quite lucrative and fulfilling. While the gas and oil field is a good one with strong financial backing, often many can find it difficult to get into the field, especially coming out of an entirely different profession. This is not impossible however, so long as you put in the initial effort necessary.

Josh Jambon
Josh Jambon

One way to break into the gas and oil industry is to get some valuable experience. According to’s Tips to Get into Oil and Gas, “From a week’s work experience to an internship or apprenticeship, get a feel of what the industry is like. Most major oil and gas operators such as Shell, Chevron, BP, ExxonMobil and Total run schemes designed to give people a taster of what it is like working in the sector. Be warned however these are highly competitive, so make sure to do your research. In the UK, oil and gas skills organization OPITO recently launched a new structured work placement program.”

Any experience that you can accumulate in the gas and oil industry is valuable, even an unpaid, part-time internship. This experience will also help you decide whether or not the gas and oil field is a good fit.

Josh Jambon has much experience in gas and oil.


Josh Jambon – Hunting Tips

Josh Jambon is a man with many different hobbies and interests that separate him from others. Among his many interests is his enjoyment of hunting. Hunting is an interesting and engaging sport and hobby that lets you get more in touch with nature and appreciate where sources of food come from. Hunting is also usually good exercise, as it requires lots of moving through difficult terrain. Hunting also requires a degree of patience and discipline as not to spook the potential prey. Hunting can be quite challenging as well, thankfully, there are many tips and tricks of the trade that can give you an edge.

Josh Jambon
Josh Jambon

One way to be a more successful hunter is to be careful and deliberate with every movement. A common mistake that many rookie hunters make is that they do not stay still long enough or move too quickly. Remember that your prey has highly attuned and sharpened senses that are usually based upon movement.

That is why it is a common technique for hunters to move slowly or even stay put. A successful hunter stays hidden by moving slowly or staying still for as long as possible. This kind of stillness requires a patience and discipline to achieve, something that takes practice.

Another common mistake that many hunters make is they spook their prey with excess noise. Though sometimes making noise is inevitable, such as accidently stepping on a branch or a twig, it is how you react to the event that determines the outcome. When you find yourself making a distinctly loud noise while hunting, it is better to stop completely than to try to run for cover. While an animal will survey a noise for a long time, given enough time, they are likely to go back to whatever it is they were doing before the noise if they do not sense danger.

Josh Jambon has been hunting as a hobby for a while, learning various tricks and tips. He hunts with clients as a way to bond with them and discuss business. It is also a great way to get some exercise and spend some quality time with nature. Being successful as a hunter is a matter of experience, knowing the tips and tricks to get a successful take. Hunting pits man against the elements. It allows you to learn what you are capable of and appreciate how early man lived long ago.