Josh Jambon Shines a Light on Brighter Futures.

Josh Jambon, a global entrepreneur, based out of Golden Meadow, Louisiana, will be awarding scholarships to several students of the local high school this month. Devoted to the idea of victory, Jambon says he is driven by his love for winning in business – not for money, but for the thrill of the win. He adds, “Along the way if I can help families achieve what they are looking for, I will bring them along.” For him, awarding these scholarships is his opportunity to play a crucial role in developing the successful life of those students.

Josh Jambon

Josh is the founder and President of Jambon Boats. Jambon Boats is a well-known provider of offshore specialty transportation vessels; the demand for which has expanded immensely internationally. In 25-years of dedicated service, Josh has watched his work hard work pay off with over 62 office locations spread across the world. Devoted to producing the most dependable boat rental company in the world Jambon is aggressively developing the largest commercial fleet in North America with a promise to continue delivering superb customer service. Currently, Jambon Boats conducts extensive business in the Nigeria, the largest producer of oil on the African continent.

Having attended college in his home state at Nicholls State University Louisiana, Jambon graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management. He has a clear understanding of the commitment it takes to drive a business to success. Josh is very focused on boosting the busy port’s construction efforts and aiding in bringing the population to the forefront of the nation when it comes to conducting business. He believes the brightest future lies in the minds of our youth.