Josh Jambon – Increasing Demand

Josh1355342304 Jambon is the founder and President of Jambon Marine Service, LLC, a provider of vessels and personnel to the international oil and gas industry. He is known as a tireless entrepreneur who values achievement more than he does money.

“I truly love to win in the business,” Josh Jambon says. “Money is not what drives me, winning is. Along the way if I can help families achieve what they are looking for, I will bring them along.”

He recognized the increasing demand for offshore supply vessels within the Gulf of Mexico, and had enough insight and drive to form Jambon Boat Rentals to provide oil and gas companies operating there with the vessels they required. This is a key trait for any successful entrepreneur: recognizing a need, and meeting it. But as he knows from personal experience, it takes enormous amounts of time and effort to build a successful business; successful entrepreneurs such as he are known to put in eight to one hundred hours of work for years, in order to make their vision a success.

But it seldom seems like work, because like most successful entrepreneurs he believed in what he was doing, and that it was an important solution to a vital problem. Realizing that he was following his passion to solve that problem was enough to keep him going. Other entrepreneurs have burned through millions of dollars of their own money over many years in order to build a successful enterprise. This is much like what Josh Jambon did when he expanded the firm, now known as Jambon Marine Service, LLC, into an international company with offices and operations all over the world.